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Capitain Gagnerot Gagnerot Ladoix 1er Cru 'Les Grechons' 2016 (3 Bottles)
The Capitain Ladoix 1er Cru Grechons is very much an insider's wine. It's sold almost exclusively in the region (or to those who know Capitain well). Year upon year we have tasted the new Grechons at the same time that we taste the latest Capitain Corton Charlemagne, often standing in the freezing cold when the barrels have been taken outside to cold-precipitate the tartaric acids. The number of times we have mistaken the Grechons for the Charlemagne cannot be just chance! There is a similarity in the minerality, with that Corton Mountain limestone smokiness unlain with honey and white flowers.

Capitain Gagnerot Saint Romain 'Au Bas de Poillange' 2016 (3 Bottles)
This parcel of Saint Romain ‘Au Bas de Poillange’ is relatively new to the Maison Capitain, and it has become the pet project of Patrice’s son, Pierre-Francois, who works it with strict organic methods. What’s most interesting is that the Capitains know well the minerality of the Corton Mountain.  But this Saint Romain is something all its own.  Floral with racy stony freshness.  It’s a tiny production of about 3000 bottles a year.

Capitain Gagnerot Ladoix 1er Cru 'Bois Roussot' 2015 (6 Bottles)
Anybody who has followed us since our start in early 1996 knows the Maison Capitain-Gagnerot in Ladoix-Serrigny. We have seen three generations now. Roger Capitain was our first mentor in Burgundy, and we learned our craft leaning against a wine barrel, soaking up his wisdom and discussing his inimitable wines. His sons Patrice and Michel, and now Patrice's son Pierre Francois (the whole family, really), carry on a tradition that is most easily described as a style. There is no mistaking a Capitain wine. Once you know it, you can pick one out just in the bouquet. It's a purity. And it's our benchmark in Burgundy.

We could tell you all about the soil make-up in the Ladoix 1er cru vineyard ‘Bois Roussot’, but suffice it to say that when the Capitains planted, they need a jack-hammer to break up the limestone!  So you can imagine this ruby red, very mineral, red-fruit Ladoix, powerful but fine, with supple tannins and the trademark Capitain 10% new oak.  A classic red Burgundy


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